LD Systems DAVE 15 G3 super-kompakt PA, 15″ sub

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LD Systems DAVE 15 G3 er siste generasjon super-kompakt PA. Basert på 2.1 oppbygging med en bassrefleks sub og to satelitt-høyttalere som kan monteres på eget stativ. Det er benyttet 15″ bass, 8″ mellomtone-element og 1,5″ diskanthorn. Anlegget leverer 700w kontinuerlig effekt (1 x 400W + 2 x 150W) og den innebyggede intelligente prosessoren LD LECC DSP garanterer perfekt samspill mellom høyttalerne.

  • Max. SPL RMS: 121 dB

  • Max. SPL Peak: 132 dB

  • Frekvensgang: 35 – 19,000 Hz

  • Spredningsvinkler (H x V): 90 x 40°

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LD Systems DAVE 15 G3 – Active PA-System with DSP

The DAVE 15 G3 is LD Systems’ most powerful active compact system. A bass reflex subwoofer with a 15″ driver constitutes the massive, powerful foundation. The satellites with 8″ drivers and HF horns are responsible for a natural sounding, assertive midrange and transparent treble. The subwoofer incorporates a 2.1 power amp module that drives the components of the DAVE 15 G3 with 1x 400W + 2x 150W of continuous power.

The LD LECC DSP digital processor ensures perfectly tuned functioning of the system. It includes specially amplitude and low-latency optimised crossovers, separate equalisers and limiters for the bass, mid, and treble frequency ranges, and a dynamic compressor that controls the subwoofer according to volume and provides for increased punch at low volumes.

The thoroughly professional features of the DAVE 15 G3 active PA system include rugged multiplex cabinets, all important protection circuits, RCA, XLR/jack combo and Speakon-compatible connectors, and ergonomically shaped, recessed handles. The LD «Evolutive» handles of the subwoofer are especially worthy of mention: the innovative design with a metal ring handle permits secure, convenient handling from all sides. For accurate vertical orientation, the speaker supports of the satellites are vertically adjustable by ± 13,5° max. in three increments.

Speaker protection covers and a castor board with a lashing strap for simple transport are available as accessories. Matching speaker stands, spacer tubes, and mounting forks are also available separately.

Like all systems in the DAVE series, the DAVE 15 G3 is suitable for portable use and for permanent installation.

  • Type: active
  • Max. SPL Continuous: 121 dB
  • Max. SPL Peak: 132 dB
  • Frequency range: 35 – 19,000 Hz
  • Dispersion angle (H x V): 90 x 40°


  • Woofer size: 15″
  • Woofer size: 381 mm
  • Woofer magnet: ferrite
  • Woofer brand: custom made
  • Woofer voice coil: 3″
  • Woofer voice coil: 76.2 mm
  • Cabinet type: bass reflex
  • Cabinet material: 18 mm plywood
  • Cabinet surface: textured coating
  • Subwoofer width: 480 mm
  • Subwoofer height: 570 mm
  • Subwoofer depth: 635 mm
  • Subwoofer features: Threaded flange (M20), LD Systems Evolutive handles

Mid/Hi System

  • Midrange size: 8″
  • Midrange size: 203.2 mm
  • Midrange magnet: ferrite
  • Midrange brand: custom made
  • Midrange voice coil: 1,5″
  • Midrange voice coil: 38.1 mm
  • Horn: CD horn
  • Tweeter size: 1″
  • Tweeter size: 25.4 mm
  • Tweeter magnet: ferrite
  • Tweeter brand: custom made
  • Tweeter voice coil: 1″
  • Tweeter voice coil: 25.4 mm
  • Mid/Hi system impedance: 4 ohms
  • Speaker inputs: 1
  • Speaker input connections: Speakon compatible
  • Mid/Hi system cabinet type: closed
  • Mid/Hi system cabinet material: 15 mm plywood
  • Mid/Hi system cabinet surface:: textured coating
  • Mid/Hi system width: 275 mm
  • Mid/Hi system height: 430 mm
  • Mid/Hi system depth: 260 mm
  • Mid/Hi system features: Ergonomic recessed handles, SM707 stand support 36 mm

Amplifier module (integrated in subwoofer)

  • Amplifier: Class A/B
  • Amplifier power system (RMS) 700 W
  • Amplifier power system (peak): 1400 W
  • Amplifier power subwoofer (RMS): 400 W
  • Amplifier power subwoofer (peak): 800 W
  • Amplifier power Mid/Hi (RMS 4 ohms): 2 x 150 W
  • Amplifier power Mid/Hi (peak 4 ohms): 2 x 300 W
  • Protection: Short circuit, limiter, overload
  • Cooling System: volume-controlled fan
  • Controls: Power, Sub Level, Subwoofer Phase Reverse, Volume
  • Indicators: On/Off Limit, Power, Protect (protective circuit active), Signal
  • Power supply: transformer
  • Line inputs: 2
  • Line input connectors: RCA, XLR/ 6.3 mm jack (combo)
  • Speaker outputs: 2
  • Speaker output connections: Speakon compatible

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