Multikabel, 30 mtr 16 mik/linje/4 returer, på solid trommel

kr 5.865,00

inkl. mva

Multikabel på solid stål-trommel, hjul med lås, XLR/XLR 16 inn/4 ut 30 m.

Varenummer: 611001-30 Kategorier: ,

Compact multicore with a length of 30 metres and 16 (K20C30D) or 24 send paths (K28C30D / K32C30D) and four or eight return paths (K32C30D), mounted in a stable metal basket on four casters with a stage box integrated directly in the drum.

Easily tranportable, space-saving due to stackability, and flexible in use. The additionally reinforced transition to the terminations prevents wear and cable breakage. Equipped with Adam Hall XLR connectors.

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