Smartlink adapter til LD Systems CURV 500 svart

kr 798,00

inkl. mva

SmartLink Adapter for up to four LD CURV 500® satellites, white

Base for LD CURV 500® system

·         2 x 16 mm flange for an optimised dispersion angle

·         4 x M6 threads for wall mounting

·         4 x M3 threads for ceiling mounting

·         4 rubber feet for non-slip positioning

·         Speakon-compatible connection for usual speaker cables

·         Rotating logo for ceiling mounting

·         Terminal block

The innovative SmartLink® Adapter is the perfect base for the CURV 500® system. With the patented click mechanism, up to four satellites can be connected with each other, without the need for any cables. Two 16 mm flanges allow for different angles on the stand. So, depending on the assembly option, an optimised sound is possible. Four M6 threads for wall mounting, four M3 threads for the ceiling and four rubber feet provide a wide range of possibilities. Thanks to the Speakon-compatible socket and the terminal block, two input variants are available. In case of ceiling mounting, the LD Systems logo simply rotates. The powder-coated cabinet made of die-cast aluminium, with dimensions of 122 x 57 x 122 mm, weighs 0.54 kg.

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