Utleie: Protruss trekant-trosse, 3,0 mtr.m/spigoter & splint

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Triangular section aluminium truss with 29 cm
long sides


  • Lengthwise: Extruded tubes, Ø 50×2 mm 6082 T6

  • Diagonal: Extruded tubes, Ø 20×2 mm 6082 T6

  • Plate: Cnical quick-lock connectors

  • Fast connection kit FCT5 included 

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With the AH TRUSS TRI 290A, Adam Hall is unveiling anextensive 3-point truss system for event technology. Of course it is TÜV tested, complies with DIN/ISO standard 4113, and is also suitable for discos, exhibition stand construction, and numerous other applications.

The design with 50x2mm main tubes and 20x2mm struts made ofthe high-strength aluminium alloy 6082A T6 ensures anextremely stable structure; the exterior dimensions of 290mm corresponds with the professional standard. Extremely efficient welding technology and stringent quality control ensurereliable load bearing capacity, e.g., 416kg for 4m-long truss or 195kg for 8 meters.

For maximum variability, the TRI 290A system is modular in design. In addition to trusses of varying lengths, it also includes a complete selection of connectors such as 2- and 3-way 90° corners, 3- and 4-way T connectors, and cross connectors. This makes it easy to realize even complex setups, both in mobile use and in permanent installations.

· Product type: Truss

· Type: 3-point

· Material: EN AW 6082 T6 (AlMgSi F31)

· Colour: silver

· Edge length: 290 mm

· Tube diameter: 50 mm

· Thickness: 2 mm

· Accessories (included): Set of connectors


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