Allen & Heath CQ-20 digital mikser 96 kHz

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Jobb smartere, raskere og oppnå bedre lyd

  • Basert på CQ-serien tar Allen & Heath sine anerkjente prosesserings- og effektfunksjoner.
  • Legger til spennende nye støttende mikseverktøy og
  • Pakker alt sammen i vår minste og mest rimelige digitale mikseserie så langt.
  • CQ-12T, CQ-18T og CQ-20B

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Pick Your Mixing Style

Every input channel on CQ can be switched between two modes.
Quick Channels offer instrument and application specific processing with the ability to dial in
a full channel of processing via a single knob.
Need more control? Switch to Complete Channels for advanced, in-depth tweaking of parameters.

Faster Setups

Setting the correct amount of gain for each channel isn’t the most exciting task,
and it quickly eats into your setup time with multiple channels to take care of.
CQ’s Gain Assistant quickly and accurately sets the optimal gain level for your one or multiple channels
and continues to monitor levels during the performance to prevent any nasty peaks or surprises.

Say Goodbye to Feedback

CQ’s Feedback Assistant automatically detects and eliminates problem frequencies.
Using up to 16 filters per output lets you mix with confidence – and forget about feedback.

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