Antenne-enhet for distribusjon av signal for inntil 4 mottag

kr 7.075,00

inkl. mva

Antenne-splitter og strømforsyning for inntil 4 stk Shure trådløs-mottagere  for innbygging i flight- eller rack, 1 U høyde/19″ bredde. Frekvensområde: 470-952MHz

  • Front-mounting antenna hardware
  • Rack-mounting hardware
  • External power supply
  • Antenna cables for receiver connections
  • DC power cables for receiver connections

Varenummer: 610285-UA844 Kategorier: , , ,

The Shure Model UA844SWB is a UHF antenna distribution system that allows the expansion of wireless microphone systems by splitting one pair of antennas to multiple receivers. It also amplifies RF signals to compensate for insertion loss that results from splitting signal power to multiple outputs. A single UA844SWB system can support up to four wireless receivers. A maximum of five UA844SWB systems may be used in a two-tiered configuration.

  • UA844SWB: Includes all components

  • UA844SWB/LC: Includes all components, excluding locking power cables

Note: A power switch on the front panel is included on some units, depending on country-specific regulations.

Available Configurations:

  • UA844SWB/LC-E: Wideband Antenna Distributor w/o Power Cables

  • UA844SWB/LC-UK: Wideband Antenna Distributor w/o Power Cables

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