Cameo PixBar 650 CPRO, 8X30 RGB

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Cameo PixBar 650 CPRO er en lys-sterk, profesjonell RGB LED bar med nesten ubegrensede fargemuligheter med sømløse overganger, inkludert 3 ulike hvit-varianter og 4 dimme-kurver. Pixbar 650 har dessuten «Single pixel» kontroll og RDM to-veis kommunikasjon med lysmikser. Det tillater bl.a.endring av adresse, DMX kanaloppsett mm direkte fra lysmikseren!

  • stor lys-spredning, 53 grader

  • Støyfri konveksjons-kjøling

  • 8 stk 30 watt RGB

  • flimmer-fritt lys med 3.600 Hz frekvens

  • lettvekts hus i aluminium

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The Cameo PixBar 650C PRO is a 53° beam width professional LED bar with 8 ultra bright 30 watt COB-LEDs for solid colour mixing with seamless transition. Highly efficient convection cooling and a 3,600 Hz refresh rate ensure absolutely noiseless operation and flicker free performance.

The PixBar 650C PRO is fully RDM compatible for bi-directional communication with a dedicated controller providing addressing, configuration and status reporting of the fixture. It is capable of standard DMX control in 5 modes and standalone, master or slave operation. The PixBar 450C PRO also features autorun software, a built-in microphone for sound control and a backlit displaywith Mode, Enter, Up and Down keys for manual control.

In addition to rich RGB colours and macros calibrated to the LEE filters standard the PixBar 650C PRO provides colour temperature correction, 4 selectable dimming curves and single pixel control for impressive chase effects.

The fixture’s rugged aluminium enclosure features 3 and 5-pin DMX inputs and outputs, Neutrik powerCON mains connectors and an adjustable stand that doubles as mounting bracket.


·         Product type:LED BAR

·         Type: Washer

·         Colour spectrum: RGB

·         Number of LEDs: 8

·         LED type: 30W COB

·         Refresh rate: 3000Hz

·         Dispersion: 53°

·         DMX input: XLR 3-pin male, XLR 5-pin male

·         DMX output: XLR 3-pin female, XLR 5-pin female

·         DMX mode: 2-channel, 3-channel, 3-channel, 9-channel, 30-channel

·         DMX functions: Pixel Control, 13 Auto-Modes, Sound Mode, Colour Macros, Dimmer, Strobe, Colour temperature correction

·         Standalone modes: Auto Run, 14 Auto-Modes, Sound Mode, Static,Strobe

·         Controls: Mode,Enter,Up,Down

·         Indicators: LC-Display

·         Operating voltage: 110 V AC – 240 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz

·         Power consumption: 250W

·         Power connector: Neutrik powerCON

·         Housing material: Aluminium

·         Cabinet colour: black

·         Cooling: Convection

·         Illuminance: 3770lx   1m

·         Dimensions without mounting bracket

·         Width: 880mm

·         Height: 110mm

·         Depth: 130mm


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