Cameo W-DMX T2, trådløs DMX by Wireless Solution

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Transmitter & Receiver modes with 512 DMX

  • Up to 700 m / 2,200 ft

  • License-free 2.4 GHz radio band

  • RDM enabled

  • Configuration via Bluetooth

  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFHSS)

  • Data-Safe error correction

  • Backward compatible with G3, G4, G4S and G5

  • Option for CRMX compatibility (Order

  • A power cable is NOT included in the
    package and must be ordered additionally

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The Cameo W-DMX™ T2 is the successor to the W-DMX T1™ with
a higher transmission range and Bluetooth connectivity for configuration. It is
a member of Wireless Solution’s acclaimed BlackBox series of transceivers for
wireless lighting control supporting both transmit and receive modes of DMX and
RDM signals in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. Built for professional applications,
the roadworthy die-cast metal housing is packed with patented W-DMX™
technologies. These include Adaptive Frequency Hopping to automatically avoid
interference created by other wireless networks, and Data-Safe error correction
that protects DMX and RDM data from corruption.

The Cameo W-DMX™ T2 features Neutrik 3-pin and 5-pin DMX
inputs and outputs, an automatically switching power supply for multi-voltage
operation plus a gold-plated Phoenix connector for 12 V battery powering. The
G6 transceiver is backward compatible with W-DMX™ G3, G4, G4S and G5 units. It
comes with a 3 dBi single-band antenna providing an operating range up to 700
m, N-type antenna adapter and a 19″ rackmount kit.

The Cameo W-DMX™ T2 is also prepared for upgradeable CRMX
compatibility, making it a versatile transceiver.

CRMX upgrade license code available upon request.
Please contact our inside sales team.

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