Cameo Zenit P100 DTW, IP65, 42 alt. 26 grader, utendørs

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Profesjonell utendørs LED IP65 spotlight med 125 W og Dim-to-Warm Technology (DTW)

  • Kraftig utendørs LED PAR-spotlight med 14400 lx @ 1 m
  • Allsidig anvendelse som blinder, strobe, wash-lys osv.
  • Simulerer dimmingsegenskapene til halogenlamper via Dim-to-Warm Technology (DTW)
  • 4 valgbare dimmekurver med justerbar dimmerrespons
  • Utbyttbar frontlinse for 16° eller 34° strålevinkel. Patentert 16 mm TV-spigot integrert.
  • Optimal fargegjengivelse takket være en CRI > 97

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The ZENIT® P100 DTW is the perfect all-rounder that can be
used as a blinder, strobe and wash light. Featuring high-quality warm white and
amber-coloured LEDs, our Dim-To-Warm (DTW) technology and special
software-based programming, the ZENIT® P100 DTW can create optimal effects and
rich warm colours.

The PAR spotlight was developed as a replacement for
traditional halogen headlights, which is why we equipped it with a front grille
to give it the classic blinder look.
And if you need rapid boost effects for your performance, the ZENIT® P100 DTW
is the perfect choice: The blinder mode enables an impressive short-term
brightness boost of 15%.

Used as a wash light, the spotlight delivers tunable shades
of white from 1600 to 3100 Kelvin and a CRI of over 97 – ensuring optimal
colour reproduction for stage design and actors.
The powerful 125-watt all-rounder is IP65-rated and thanks to its patented
SPIN16® technology, is easily mounted indoors our outdoors.

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