Defender Compact Base kabel-beskyttelse, 5 kanaler

kr 720,00

inkl. mva

DEFENDER Compact base utvider anvendelsen av Defender Compact ved at den danner base for overdelen. Defender Compact får dermed en kraftig økt vektkapasitet. Samtidig bygger denne kombinasjonen mindre enn mange tilsvarende løsninger.

· Lengde: 804 mm

· Bredde: 241 mm

· Antall kanaler: 5

DEKRA sertifisert.

Varenummer: 650452-BASE Kategorier: , ,

DEFENDER Compact remains true to form: Handy, quickly assembled, with low crossover height and now able to withstand heavy loads. The unique Compact base with a weight of 3.5 kg is attached to the Compact to form a single unit. Thus reinforced, the Compact can withstand extreme loads. Even forklifts and lifting trucks can now drive over this cross -over with no problem. The 5 cable ducts, each with a diameter of 22 mm, provide ample space for many applications. If a line of several DEFENDER Compact units with base is assembled, the row now remains stable even if a car drives over it.

·         Length: 80.40 cm

·         Width: 24.10 cm

·         Channels: 5

DEKRA certified – Certified product safety



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