Gauze 201, 50% vind- og lystett sort duk, 5x6m med maljer

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Ferdig kantet 50% lystett duk med maljer pr 50 cm.

Gauze 201 er en grovmasket polyethylene duk for inndekking av scene, stillaser, som back-drop, drapering, kamuflasje og der det ellers er behov for høy grad av lyd og luftgjennomstrømning. Leveres i løpemeter x 3 meter bredde eller som ferdig kantet duk med maljer i forskjellige størrelser.

Gauze 201 er rivesikker, værbestandig, vann-avvisende og tåler syrer og sterk varme. festes med klips og «cable ties» som du finner på annet sted i nettbutikken.

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Gauze 201 is a large-mesh polyethylene netting for stage and scaffolding covers, backdrops, drapes, camo screens and other applications with excellent sound and wind permeability. Theheavy-duty material is available by the meter 3 m wide and ready-made with eyelets and seams in various sizes and a choice of black or white.

The Gauze 201 stage mesh is tearproof, weatherproof, water-repellent and resistant to acids and heat. Hold-on clips and cable ties are available as mounting accessories.


  • Completely bordered and provided with eyelets every 50 cm (all around)
  • UV and fade resistant up to 3 years
  • washable
  • temperature range -30° to +70° C
  • Custom-made sizes available on request
  • Tolerances of +/- 5% are due to technical reasons depending on temperature and humidity.
  • Applications: stage mesh, paintball netting


  • Type: 201, large mesh
  • Colour: white
  • Width: 5 m
  • Length: 6 m
  • Weight: 125 g/m²
  • Flame retardancy: B1 (DIN 4102) and M1 certified (France)
  • Wind-permeable: 50 %

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