ICE-16 AHT 16-kanals recorder

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ICE-16 gjør flersporsopptak enkelt. Glem fikling på baksiden av klønete HD-opptakere eller kjas rundt innstallasjon av korrekt driver til lydkortet ditt. ICE-16 gir deg 16-spors høykvalitetsopptak rett til en USB-nøkkel eller harddisk. Så enkelt kan det gjøres!

Videopresentasjon av ICE-16

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ICE-16 is also a powerful 16×16 audio interface capable of studio quality recording over high-speed USB or FireWire. Whether it’s a live band, a studio session, a conference, a function or a theatre rehearsal, ICE-16 is the ideal choice for recording multichannel audio with or without your computer.

  • 16 analogue Inputs, 16 analogue Outputs
  • Front USB socket for quick capturing to USB mass storage devices
  • Hybrid FireWire (IEE1394) / USB2 .0 16×16 audio interface
  • Industry standard wav file format
  • Up to 6 hours of 16 channel audio on a 32GB USB stick
  • Signal Present and Peak LED metering on each channel
  • Mono headphone bus for Input or Output monitoring
  • Daisy chain multiple units over FireWire
  • Familiar Transport buttons and intuitive controls

Multiple units can be daisy-chained over the FireWire bus, or kept in sync using the DIN connectors when recording on multiple USB devices, making iCE-16 the perfect companion for both small and large analogue consoles such as our acclaimed ZED, MixWizard and GL mixers. Plug into your desk Direct Outs or use a mix of Groups and Aux sends to save on channels.

The USB DRIVE is automatically detected and checked by the system. Starting the recording is as simple as pushing a button. Remove and plug the key into a computer to access or transfer the WAV files to any DAW.

Removing the USB stick or powering up the unit without one enables the USB / FireWire interface. Signals present at the inputs will be sent to the Mac or PC on channels 1-16. WDM/ASIO drivers and USB2.0 class compliance ensure full compatibility with most DAWs, including Logic, Sonar, Cubase and Pro Tools.

Fancy a ‘virtual soundcheck’ or just need to play cues during a live gig? Tracks can be played back directly from the USB DRIVE AND full multichannel audio can be sent from the computer to the ICE-16 analogue Outputs.

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