LD Systems ZONE 624, 19″ 4-Zone Mixer 3U

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LD Systems ZONE 624 4-sone mikser.

LD Systems ZONE 624 er en praktisk, kompakt og oversiktlig installasjons-mikser. ZONE 622 er meget velegnet som «hjerne» i lyd-systemer for egne soner i restauranter, skoler, hoteller og treningssentre.

Send lyden til alle eller bare et utvalg av sonene som er tilkoblet.

Zone-624 har alle de viktige funksjonene, inkludert en tilkobling for eksterne «emergency»-meldinger med egen volumkontroll og fjernkontroll for av og på.

6 stereo-kanaler og 2 mikrofon-innganger.



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LD Systems ZONE 624 4-Zone Mixer

The ZONE 624 is a fully-equipped zone mixer with 6 line and 2 microphone channels, that can be assigned to a stereo or a mono master output. The compact 3U rack device also has inputs for an external emergency announcement system and remote-controlled switching mute. Due to its extensive connectivity the ZONE 624 is the extremely flexible control centre solution for PA systems in food outlets, clubs, hotels, fitness centres, and many other areas.

The two balanced microphone inputs have a shared 3-band EQ, 12V phantom power and Talkover functions; the Talkover attenuation can be individually set for all zone outputs on the back of the unit. The 6 stereo input channels of the ZONE 624 are equipped with gain control, signal and peak LEDs, 45 mm faders, Cue buttons and RCA connections; channel 6, in addition with balanced TRS inputs for FOH signals. The device also has a switchable Aux input via 3.5mm mini jack and a USB port, that is used as a stereo input and output (recording out) and turns theZONE 624 into an external audio interface.

The master section outputs are electronically balanced and useXLR connectors and terminal block connectors. The stereozone also has unbalanced RCA connectors. The maximum output level for all of the zones can be individually set. The three mono outputs of the ZONE 624 each have a 2-band EQ, a selectable 100 Hz high pass filter, and a MIC mute switch with a level indicator; the inputs 1-6 or the stereo master signal can be selected as a source. The stereo output is equipped with a 3-band EQ, a control for the Talkover sensitivity and two LED chain level meters. Furthermore, the ZONE 624 has a recording output and a controllable PFL headphone jack for previewing.

·         Type: stereo

·         Number of Zones: 4 (Master, Zone A-C)

·         Installation Height: 3U

·         Total Input Channels: 8 (2x Mic, 1x AUX/Line, 2x Phono/Line, 2x Line, 1x FOH/Line

·         Frequency Response: 20 – 40.000 Hz

·         Microphone Channels: 2 (with phantom power 12 V)

·         Microphone Channels Connections: 2X 6.3 mm jack (balanced), 1x XLR / 6.3 mm jack (Combo)

·         Microphone Channel Controls: 2x Gain, 2x On/Off, 1 x EQ Hi, 1x EQ Mid, 1 x EQ Low, 1x Talkover

·         Microphone Channels Display Elements: On-LED

·         Microphone Channels Input Impedance: 4 kOhm

·         Microphone Channels Input Sensitivity: 4.5 mV

·         Microphone Channels THD: 0,08 %

·         Line Channels: 6 (Input 1: Aux/Line, Input 2 + 5: Line/Phono, Input 3: USB/Line 4: Line, Input 6: Line/FOH

·         Line Input Connectors: Input 1: 2 x RCA + 3.5 mm stereo jack, input 2.4 5: 2 x RCA, input 3: 2 x RCA, input 6: 4 x RCA + 2 x 6.3 mm jack

·         Line Channel Controls: Gain, AUX enable, Cue, Level, 2x Phono/Line, FOH On

·         Line Channels Display Elements: Signal/0 dB-LED, Cue-LED

·         Line Channel Input Impedance: 6 Kohm (Phono 50 kOhm)

·         Line Channels Input Sensitivity: 2,1 V (Phono 25 mV)

·         Line Channels THD: 0,02 % (Phono 0,05%)

·         input sensitivity AUX/Line (3.5 mm stereo jack): 3 V

·         Line Outputs: 5 (Master – Stereo, 3x Zone – Mono, Rec – Stereo)

·         Master Output Connectors: 2 x XLR (balanced), RCA (2 x), Terminal Block

·         Master Controls: Level, EQ Hi, EQ Mid, EQ Low, Max. Level, T/O Sensitivity, T/O Damping

·         Master Display Elements: 2 x 10 segment level meter

·         Master Output Levels: 24 dBu (balanced), 17 dBu (unbalanced)

·         Zone Output Connections: XLR (balanced), Terminal Block

·         Zone Controls: Level, Source, Cue, EQ Hi, EQ Low, Max Level, 100 Hz High Pass, Include Mic, T/O Damp

·         Zone Display Elements: 5-segment level meter

·         Zone Output Levels: 24 dBu (balanced/ unbalanced)

·         Output Connections Rec: 2 x RCA

·         Headphone Output: 1

·         Headphone Out Port: 6.3 mm jack stereo

·         Headphone Output Controls: Cue Volume

·         Headphone Output Voltage: 2,5 V   32 Ohm

·         Additional Inputs: 2 (Emergency Input, Output Mute)

·         Additional Input Connections: Terminal Block

·         Additional Input Controls: Level Emergency Input

·         Emergency Input Sensitivity: 5 V

·         Additional Controls: power switch

·         Additional Display Elements: Power-LED

·         Operating Voltage: 220 – 250 V AC, 50 Hz

·         Power Socket: IEC power socket

·         Power Consumption (max.): 25 W

·         Fuse: T 500 mAL / 250 V

·         Dimensions (W x H x D): 485 x 132 x 210 mm

·         Accessories included: terminal blocks, power cable, operating instructions


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