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Cameo FLAT PRO FLOOD IP65 TRI er en kompakt LED flomlys-lampe med 60 watt trefarget COB LED og gir et fyldig lys med 3000 Hz refresh rate som sikrer flimmer-fri belysning.

  • IP65 rating,

  • 120° spredning av lyset 

  • konveksjons-kjøling.

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The Cameo FLAT PRO series FLOOD IP65 TRI is a compact outdoor LED flood light with IP65 rating, 120° beam angle and convection cooling. A 60 watt tri-color COB LED generates rich, saturated RGB colors with a 3,000 Hz refresh rate providing flicker free performance. The black heavy-duty metal enclosure features screw connectors for DMX and mains input and output plus a backlit display with mode, enter, up and down keys for easy operation. The Cameo FLOOD IP65 TRI allows for 2-channel, 3-channel 1, 3-channel 2 and 6-channel DMX control as well as master, slave and standalone modes while a setting lock prevents unauthorized menu access. The universal bracket adds a wide variety of mounting options. Barn doors are available as accessory.

  • Product number: CLFLOODIP65TRI

  • Product type: LED FLOOD LIGHT

  • Type: FLAT PRO

  • Colour spectrum: RGB

  • Number of LEDs: 1

  • LED type: 60 W COB TRI LED

  • refresh rate: 3000 Hz

  • Dispersion: 120°

  • DMX intput: 3-pin special connector, screwable

  • DMX output: 3-pin special connector, screwable

  • DMX mode: 2-channel, 3-channel 1, 3-channel 2, 6-channel

  • DMX Functions: Colour Macro, RGB, Master Dimmer, Strobe, Colour Jumping, Colour Fading

  • Standalone modes: Master/Slave, Auto, Static, Macro, Jumping, Fading

  • Controls: Value Down, Value Up, mode, Enter

  • Display: backlit LCD

  • Operating voltage: 110 V AC – 240 V AC / 50 – 60 Hz

  • Power consumption: 75 W

  • Power connector: 3-pin special connector, screwable

  • Housing material: metal

  • Cabinet colour: black

  • Protection class IP: 65

  • Cooling: Convection

  • Illuminance: 830 lx 1m

  • Dimensions without mounting bracket

  • Width: 180 mm

  • Height: 180 mm

  • Length: 120 mm

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