Utleie: Lerret 180″ gulvstående for- eller bakprojisering

kr 1.000,00

inkl. mva

Ligra QUICKFOLD 180 tommer

  • for projeksjon forfra eller bakfra
  • 2 stk 180″ lerreter a (366 x 274) følger med.
    Ønsket lerret spennes opp på den medfølgende rammen med stativ for plassering på gulv 
  • Lerreter, ramme og stativ er pakket i praktisk transportkasse.
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Ligra QUICKFOLD Screen with foldable structure

Projector screens light and stable, easily transportable, the structure, made of anodized aluminium, is lightweight but stable and rigid; two side supports are fixed to the frame with simple knobs – transportation is enabled by a rigid suitcase on wheels (flight-case) with handle for transport – the package includes a front projection white fabric, seamless up to 200 “ format, fixed to the structure with simple snaps, plus a rear projection fabric with identical characteristics. The screen sizes above 200” have a reinforced structure (double profile combined with crossbars at regular intervals) which guarantees maximum stability.
Screens available with following projection fabrics: SOFT WHITE and RETRO (see technical specifications on pages 5/6/7) – Frame 32×32 mm section, in extruded aluminium, natural anodized Anchoring of the fabric to the frame thanks to press button system on the front structure for perfect flatness and quick assembly – Screens come standard equipped with a pair of side supports to be used where it is not possible to install the screen to the wall, the type of supports depends on the screen size in order to ensure maximum stability – Robust flight-case with handle and transport wheels – Prices quoted include: foldable frame, foldable side stand supports, front projection SOFT WHITE fabric, RETRO fabric for rear projection and flight – case – Packed in sturdy carton volcano Type.

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