Wire 5 mm m/øye, 5 mtr,

kr 385,00

inkl. mva

Safety Rope 5 mm length 5 m for S50S Wire Clip

  • Wire cable suitable for cable holders of types
    DSH 50S (5 mm) 80VS (8 mm).

  • The cut end of the cable is tin-plated to ensure
    cable durability when used with the cable holder, guaranteeing complete
    suitability for practical applications (see illustration). For this reason, all
    suspension cables for Adam Hall DSH wire cable holders are provided with tin
    plating at one end and a eyelet at the other. Certified in accordance with BGV

  • 6 x 19 + fibre core

  • Tin-plated at one end with

  • Eyelet at the other end





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