Cameo spesial-væske til såpeboblemaskiner, 5ltr

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Cameo Bubble-Fluid er designet spesielt for profesjonelle boble-maskiner, og lager varige, luktfrie bobler. Væsken er klar til bruk, er biologisk nedbrytbar og laget under konstant kvalitetskontroll i Tyskland.

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The Cameo Bubble-Fluid is specially designed for professional bubble machines and produces long lasting, odourless bubbles. It is immediately ready to use, biodegradable, and is produced under constant quality control in Germany.

The eye-catching Cameo soap bubbles fluid is completely harmless; a compliance certificate and DIN safety data sheet are available for download. The container can be reused.

The water used in the manufacturing process of the fluids is distilled 10 times and thus guarantees that the fluids in use hardly contain any residues.

  • very high quality special fluid for soap bubble machines

  • Capacity 5 L

  • made in Germany

  • ready to use

  • odourless

  • biodegradable

  • very good reflective behaviour

  • non-toxic

  • Specifications:

  • Type: soap bubble fluid

  • Container Size: 5 L

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