LD Systems MON101 A G2,10″ monitor, aktiv 2-veis, 150w RMS

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Kompakt og anvendelig monitor – LD Mon101AG2

  • meget kompakt og anvendelig monitor «på veien».
  • 35° vinklet scene-monitor bestykket med et 10-tommers koaksialt element med integrert 1″ HF driver
  • Nøyaktig spredning (75 grader) horisontalt og vertikalt.
  •  Spesialutviklet 10″ coaxial høyttaler med integrert 1″ HF driver.
  •  124db maks lydtrykk mellom 80Hz og 20kHz.
  • Klasse AB leverer 150w RMS og beskyttelseskretser mot overbelastning.
  • Bassrefleks kabinett av 15mm kryssfiner med slitesterk coating og robust metall «grill».
  • Ergonomiske håndtakk på begge sideflater.

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The LD Stinger MON101AG2 is an especially compact active monitor with broad frequency response and a maximum sound-level pressure of 121dB

The 10″ coaxial speaker with an integral 1″ HF driver attains a dispersion angle of 75°x75°, which is beneficial in multifaceted applications as a stage monitor. The coaxial configuration results in a very homogenous sound in the entire dispersion area plus very low susceptibility to feedback. The active monitor is driven by a Class AB power amplifier with an output of 150W RMS. Short-circuit protection and a limiter ensure dependable operation.

The rear connector panel offers an XLR-jack combo input and XLR output for looping through the signal; other features include a volume control, IEC power socket and switch, and LED indicators for power, signal, and limiter.

The elegant bass-reflex housing made of 15mm multiplex is finished with a durable coating and has ergonomically milled handles and a metal grille to protect the speaker. The monitor angle is 35°.

  • Type: active
  • Woofer size: 10″
  • Woofer size: 254 mm
  • Woofer type: coaxial speaker
  • Woofer magnet: ferrite
  • Woofer brand: custom made
  • Woofer voice coil: 2
  • Woofer voice coil: 50.8 mm
  • HF driver size: 1″
  • HF driver size: 25.4 mm
  • HF driver magnet: ferrite
  • HF driver brand: custom made
  • HF driver voice coil: 1″
  • HF driver voice coil: 25.4 mm
  • Amplifier: Class A / B
  • Dispersion angle (H x V): 75° x 75°
  • Power output (RMS): 150 W
  • Power output (peak): 300 W
  • Frequency response: 90 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Crossover frequency: 3300 Hz
  • SPL (1 W/1 m): 99 dB
  • Max. SPL (continuous): 113 dB
  • Max. SPL (peak): 121 dB
  • Protection: limiter, short-circuit
  • Controls: Volume, On / Off
  • Indicators: Power, Signal, Limit
  • Number of line inputs: 1
  • Line input connectors: XLR/ 6.3 mm jack (combo)
  • Number of line outputs: 1
  • Line output connectors: XLR
  • Power supply: transformer
  • Operating voltage: 230 V AC / 50-60 Hz
  • Cabinet material: 15 mm plywood
  • Cabinet type: bass reflex
  • Monitor angle: 35°
  • Width: 380 mm
  • Depth: 335 mm
  • Height: 398 mm
  • Features: Ergonomic insert handles



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