Lydmikser LD Systems Vibz 6, 6-kanals mikser

kr 1.095,00

inkl. mva

Mikser-serien VIBZ fra LD Systems er veldesignede, kompakte miksere laget for entertainere, mindre band, hjemme-studio og installasjon. VIBZ 6 har to balanserte mikrofon-innganger med pre-amper av høy kvalitet, 48 v strømforyning og 3-bånds EQ med +/-15 dB justering. To stereo linje-innganger med 2-bånds eq som også er mono-kompatible.

Master-seksjonen har egen utgang for monitor,  headphone jack utgang. Mikseren har også input og output for avspilling og innspilling. Lyden fra VIBZ mikserne er detaljert og «varm»!




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The VIBZ 6 is a compact 6-channel mixer which is perfectly suited to entertainers, small bands, home recording and installations. It features two balanced microphone inputs with high quality preamps, phantom power and 3-band EQ with +/-15 dB adjustment scope, two stereo line inputs with 2-band EQ, which are mono-compatible, and an effects loop.

The master section of the VIBZ 6  is equipped with adjustable monitor outputs and a headphone jack output.The mixer also has inputs and outputs for recording and playback devices, is extremely easy to use and offers a warm differentiated sound. The external power supply can be screwed on tightly.

A foot switch for the effects section and an adapter for mounting the VIBZ 6 D on microphone stands are available as accessories.

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