Stativbag for trommestikker m.m. Gravity MA DSB 01

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Traveler Drumstick Holder

  • Large basket size

  • Space for several drumsticks

  • Compatible with drum hardware

  • Flexible clamping range from 15 mm to 35 mm

  • Rotation and tilt of the basket continuously

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Traveler Series’ Drumstick Holder

Every bit of weight counts when you’re travelling by plane
or truck from one gig to the next. After all, you can’t always rely on finding
the right tool available at the concert venue.

The Gravity® MA DSB 01 drumstick holder can be taken
everywhere you go. It’s so light, there’s absolutely no need for you to worry
about how much it weighs or about having space for it.

It can be quickly and easily attached to your drum hardware
using the clamping arm. Thanks to the large clamping range spanning from 15 to
35 mm and the 360° rotation and 180° tilt options, the basket can be adjusted
for the best accessibility. Your sticks can then be kept within grabbing
distance so you can quickly pull out the right one while playing your songs.

Gravity® has once again delivered a small, useful and
reliable product for you to round off your collection of stands.

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