Utleie: Cameo Flat Pro 12 G2 IP65, 12 x 10 watt, 8 stk i flight

kr 3.400,00

inkl. mva

12 x 10 W RGBWA LED utendørs spot/parkanner

8 stk i spesialdesignet flight/transportkasse på hjul

  • 12 x 10-watt 5-in-1 RGBWA LED med 4.300 lm flux for varme, fulle pastell-farger
  • IP-65 sertifisert for permanent utendørs montering

  • Lydløs og flimmerfritt lys til TV, teater og konsert

  • Professjonell Neutrik True1-kompatible inputs/outputs & IP65 DMX input/output kontakter

  • Robust, flatt og kompakt «hus»

  • Patentert EZChase® DMX Delay: løpende lys effekt uten bruk av DMX-kontroll

  • OLED display touch-betjening

  • Kalibrerte LED-pærer

  • Innebygget bæregrep

  • Tilleggsutstyr som ikke inngår: SPIN 16 spigot og Omega brakett 

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A professional outdoor allrounder that saves you a lot of work

  • Calibrated and compact IP65
  • uplight fixed to a building facade,
  • as a noiseless light source in theatres or
  • as an effects light for live shows.
  • Its patented EZChase® DMX delay feature allows running lights effects without
    an external controller. This saves on DMX channels as well as time and
  • FLAT PRO G2s integrated calibration chip ensures that full and pastel RGBWA
    colour spectrum colours can be used without any deviations regardless how many
    lamps you connect .
  • The FLAT PRO® 7 G2 has 12 x 10-watt 5-in-1 RGBWA LEDs for an impressive luminous
    flux of 4.300 lm. Adjustable PWM frequency (650 Hz to 25 kHz), so no need to
    worry about flickering LEDs when dimming.
  • Redesigned convection cooling and professional connection options with Neutrik
    True-compatible inputs and outputs and 3-pin IP65 DMX sockets all offer the
    highest possible reliability.
  • For even greater installation flexibility, the FLAT PRO® 7 G2 can also be
    optionally retrofitted with a fold-out 16-mm TV spigot that uses patented
    SPIN16® technology.
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