Hybridkabel nettstrøm/DMX 3-pins, 5,0 mtr

kr 535,00

inkl. mva
  • Hybridkabel power con blå/grå & DMX han/hun 110 ohm
  • Med bare en kabel er det mye enklere å linke lampene
  • Parallel nettstrøm og DMX i en kabel
  • Pålitelige AH kontakter
  • 3 x 1,5mm² cross section for nettstrøm
  • 2 x 0,22mm² cross section for DMX

5,0 mtr cables in one: Twist lock power con in/out & DMX male to female 110 ohm

  • No more cable mess with just one cable to your equipment
  • For parallel power and DMX signal transmission
  • Equipped with high reliable AH audio connectors
  • 3×1,5mm² cross section for power
  • 2x 0,22mm² cross section for DMX
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